Every picture tells a story. Or alternatively, “a picture is worth 1000 words”.

These two images are clearly related and they both tell a similar story. The one of the title was discovered under a pile of rubble in a Croatian street in c. 1998. The wounds—physical and mental— of the recent war were still quite raw, and it seems as if someone took umbrage at the sentiments expressed in the street sign.  Who peppered it with lead? A Serbian? A Bosnian? A disgruntled Croat? We’ll never know.

image credit: Lewis Blackwell / Neville Brody. —G1, a homage to the ‘raw vernacular graphics that inspire designers. ISBN 1-85669-092-X (1996)

The message from the 2nd image is much more explicit. “We are hunters and we can do whatever we like in the countryside, no pesky sign will convince us to do otherwise!”

They are both the beginning chapters of their respective stories. You could almost be there when the triggers were pulled. You can feel the emotion, it’s palpable.

This post is a perfect example of why I have boxes and boxes of ‘found stuff’ in my home… despite ongoing pleas from my other half to chuck it all in the bin ;-). No way!

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