Well, it has been a while. When I ┬ástarted this blog it was my intention to write at least a blog a week. The driving force behind this was an article about how regularly posting is meant to improve one’s all round, day-to-day efficiency. I think the thinking behind that is that if you can commit to short sharp bursts of creative writing it develops your ability to summarise situations concisely and succinctly in the small windows of opportunities available during a working day and this skill will carry over to your day job.

Well, my day job involves pushing, nudging, ordering and thinking about pixels. So, it was a breath of fresh air when I had to resort to a scalpel and some coloured paper to make a title for our recent wedding soiree. Hand cutting out a nice slab serif font is therapeutic in the extreme and the process almost made me want to ditch the ‘puter entirely and become a primary school art teacher. It also reminded me of the art of craft which is so often absent in our technology-driven lifestyles. Unfortunately, websites cannot be designed with scissors, rubber glue and textured paper.

That’s a shame


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