Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Recently discovered the work of Bernard Pras while hanging out in the Mediathèque in Vincennes… like one does. He makes some nice 3D sculptures. This one is called Bruce Lee (2006)

He makes use of various plastic toys of far eastern extraction; Japanes lanterns, Converse boots, Lotus flower candles, plastic dolls and a plastic bucket and spade to name but a few to produce a ‘sculpture’ rich in detail. The play on perspective here is key to the effect. Each item is expertly placed to produce this 3D illusion.

He makes other ones too that are equally amazing. He has a site but it doesn’t really do his work justice. The Jack Nicholson one from the Shining is particularly spectacular- if, unlike on his website- you view it from the correct perspective.

The show ‘Oeuvres de Bernard PRAS’ is on in Vincennes Bibliothèque / Mediathèque. Check it out while you can.

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