Street Knowledge

Street Knowledge

In between designing a wicked London-based iOS/Android app for a not so mysterious Russian Billionaire (details to follow soon) and knocking out some designs for France 3 via my studio mates Motion Boutique I have been immersed in this book by King Adz published by those wonderful lot at Thames & Hudson.

It’s a fantastic trawl through the world of urban art, street culture and it documents it’s ever-evolving influence on daily life. The author put’s it quite succinctly-“Writer and filmmaker King Adz has spent 25 years getting to know old-school graffiti legends, avant-garde street artists, DJs, writers, poets, designers and musicians to produce this groundbreaking insider’s guide to street culture.” and also goes on to say “This book is going to be fucking amazing and beautiful to read”

Maybe worth a letter to Santa…

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