The visual language of Paris

Typography: The two faces of Paris. One calm and sedate where everything is beautifully thought out, lovingly applied and which exudes a certain amount of style and prestige. The other—fast and loose, a quick marker and sticker effort, done on the fly in a hurry with an undeniable air of ephemerality about it. The beauty of these two is that they exist 200m apart on the Rue du Chemin Vert in Paris.

Life’s all about contrasts. And there’s quite a lot of them everywhere you look…
“Attention, les flics arrivent. Fichez les camps” &
“Bonjour Madame, que puis-je faire pour vous aujourd’hui ? Vous aimez que vos lettres soient grandes et peintes avec amour ? Certainement, venez par ici. Voulez-vous un gâteau pendant que vous parcourez mon magasin ?

ps. Probably the last blogpost ever! Who’s writing blogs anymore? Not me. Who’s reading them? Nobody! ;-)

Fast and loose v Slow and traditional
Fast and loose v Slow and traditional

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