Performing For The Camera

There’s a great show on at Tate Modern at the moment, until 16 June— Performing for the Camera. Ever since photography was feted as the death knell for painting we’ve exhibited quite a love affair for the medium. Today frankly we are besotted. Selfies anyone?This show documents the often frivolous relationship between the camera and performance. There’s some great stuff here. And it’s free. Tate Modern explain it a whole lot better than i can. Get yourself down there. Londoners you are so lucky. Read more here:


IMAGE: Edward Ruscha, ‘The Music from the Balconies’ 1984

Performing For The Camera

2 thoughts on “Performing For The Camera

  1. Juliette

    Just checking to see if anyone will notice that i wrote something ;-)
    This was an amaaaaazing show by the way

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