The Knowledge

As the classic saying goes., “Porridge is Power”!
Actually, I think that was another post…. and even with the power of the internet, I can’t find out any reference to who said it. Does that mean I can claim it as my own if it doesn’t exist already?

…I digress. This is a fantastic book. What might be called a ‘coffee table book’ in days of yore. Its accessible in equal measure to graphic designers and non-designers alike. Anyone with a passing curiosity in data visualisation and the myriad ways of presenting information will be thrilled by this tome.

David McCandless’s follow-up publication to his ‘Information is Beautiful’ book published a few years back is similarly crammed full of interesting infographic (overused word!) illustrations that depict often mind-blowing facts and figures in an engaging and thought-provoking way.
Like the man says “free-ranging across many subjects areas. Science, power, money, health, space, art, thought, dogs”…. etc etc, this book will keep you enthralled many weeks into 2015 even as the excitement of Chrimble becomes a distant and dim memory. Oh, and that’s a mighty pretty cover too!

He knows his Porridge does David.

The Knowledge

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