Venus in Furs

Venus in Furs

I love this poster for Roman Polanski’s most recent film- La venus a la fourrure (Venus in Furs). It’s a beautiful piece of graphic design and reminiscent of some of Saul Bass’s classic efforts- West Side Story, The Shining, The man with the golden arm etc etc. A great example of what you can do with a restricted colour palette. One immediately gets a feeling about what this film has in store without giving anything away. Watch out for a woman with stilettos. She’s gonna get kinda mad.

It’s all about female dominance with undertones of S&M. Based on the 19th century penned book by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (From whence the term Sado-machocism originates).
With content  like that and a man like Polanski at the helm you would think that the film would be great. Alas, I think the poster is the best thing about the film. (So I have heard)


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