Word association

Word association

Call me anal if you like but I would have thought it not too big a deal to check what the name you have chosen to market kids’ confectionary means in other languages. I’m not advocating that everything should be focused on the English language but it’s not exactly a minority sport is it? If I was a french kid and i found out that my parents had been feeding me these I would have been psychologically damaged for the rest of my life! In addition- check out those E numbers: Sunset Yellow AND Tartrazine. Bouncy, over-active ADD children too. Cool.

Wordreference.com gives the translation as;

runt /rʌnt/n

  1. the smallest and weakest young animal in a litter, esp the smallest piglet in a litter
  2. derogatory an undersized or inferior person
  3. a large pigeon, originally bred for eating


I rest my case. That’s all i’m saying.

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