Op Art Loveliness

Op Art Loveliness

Reminiscent of Bridget Reilly at her best, these marvellous examples of Op Art ads for the new season at the Théâtre de La Ville have been popping up around the Paris Metro recently.

One would have thought it impossible to miss these dazzling renditions of the oeuvre while navigating the rabbit warren of the subterranean city. However, it seems that Parisians are in too much of a hurry or just way too cool to admit to being intrigued by anything so frivolous.  In order to fully experience the moment one has to dawdle. No one dawdles down there… allez allez allez. Try it out. Give it a go. Ignore the strange looks you will attract. They are missing out. You are going on a journey. Marvellous.

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