There seems to be something in the air recently! Another logo project, this time for a high fashion boutique selling shoes and accessories for the discerning lady. Launching summer 2012 in Daventry, England.

Taking it’s form from two reflected S letterforms from the name, this logo has a devilish character to it. For as we all know, any self-respecting female fashionista would sell her soul to get her hands on this season’s incredible creations. No?
This particular boutique de la haute culture will sell you Aspiration, Quality, and Elegance with a service akin to that expected by royalty. So, there we have it -A voluptuous, enticing, Royal purple marque for your delectation.
Oh, and in case anyone is wondering about the type treatment, the client overrode my typeface recommendation. It’s not my preferred font but they wouldn’t listen. C’est la vie…

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