Take A Break

Came across this old LP recently. ‘Take A Break’ is an album of advertising jingles re-worked by¬† Robert James Orchestra and it was issued in 1972 by EMI. The sleeve notes have an undeniable air of naivety and innocence that are light years away from our current highly developed incarnation that flogs ‘must-have’ consumer gadgets through every conceivable medium. Here is an excerpt

“A commercial is a sound and visual advertisement brought into millions of homes via the television with the object of selling and identifying a product or service.
The primary job of the commercial is to shift the goods, move the product off the shelves or make you aware of services that are available.

Music can send shivers up your spine, bring tears to your eyes and make you feel warm towards the advertiser. Music used properly is a very emotional, very subjective medium. It can convey colour, temperature and texture in a way that no other medium can. Almost subconciously, it can leave a residue of good associations about a product long after the copy claim has faded.”


Take A Break

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