Paris in the sunshine

Still havent really worked all this out yet.
I keep thinking it’s something I should be doing, but I dont yet know why. Well that’s a lie really.Its because we are clearly  slaves to technology and we just can’t help ourselves. If it buzzes, whirs, slides, shines, glows or even if it doesn’t make any noise at all,  just sits there looking kinda cute, we are slaves. With no comprehension in its tiny little chip of a brain (but oh my,what muscles!) of its eventual demise in a landfill somewhere, it marches on sucking up any spare time up in its wake…

Luckily, yesterday I escaped and went for a brisk walk dans le quartier. The air was head-splittingly cold but the sky was cobalt and the sun was shining. I eventually found myself walking up Boulevard de Denain towards The Gare Du Nord. The sight was breathtaking! No more construction, no more scaffolding- it looked amazing in all its newly scrubbed-up guise. I knew then that everything would be alright.

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